Adam Beach Puts Up Indie Native Studio

>> Jun 2, 2008

Wow. This is really a praiseworthy thing that Adam Beach is doing. He is putting up an independent studio to help tell native stories from the perspective of native peoples. I hope other indigenous peoples working in the entertainment industry will follow Adam's lead because this is really an important undertaking. This blog is behind you, Adam.

Quotable quotes from Adam from a story by grassrootsnews:

"The government doesn't do sh*t for us! If I had waited for the government to "help me", I would still be waiting. First Nations people have got to stop depending on government, hoping that government will help them, or even working with government at all, if we want to make things happen"

"We have got to tell our stories, good or bad. From what a drum means, and what creating a song means to us, to everything we need to say and to share. We need to find the value, our own value!"

"Right now, the federal government has appointed a judge to head up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. They will spend $60 million trying to get our people to tell the stories of their experiences in Indian residential schools."

"I am not in competition with the government, but I am going to go out and hear those stories and share them with everybody who wants to hear and to heal and to reconcile. It's like Steven Spielberg going out to gather the stories of Jewish people who suffered through the Holocaust (World War II). Spielberg did that for his people and I would like to do that with mine."
Go, Adam. Read the article here.


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